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Our car robbers abroad

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Over the past ten years, the number of our fellow citizens visiting other states for various reasons and for different purposes has increased sharply. Most of them go abroad with quite plausible goals: business vacation was excursion tours. Such visitors are happy in any country. But unfortunately there is another category "travelers", which is looking for new opportunities in other countries for the implementation of its criminal plans and plans.

Germany continues to be one of the largest markets of used cars. It is there that our compatriots who want to save on the acquisition of the former car use their views. A considerable number of motorists taking with them a decent amount of money settled on Germany, where not only car traders await them.

Twice convicted of robberies and robberies Dmitry L. nickname "Elbow" At one time he was an active member of one of the organized criminal groups (organized crime groups) operating in the Lviv region. The elbow was not an ordinary bandit, but the so -called "foreman". Under his leadership there were a dozen skin -headed guys who were engaged in robberies on the roads of the Lviv region.

At the end of last year, for an organized crime group, a member who was the elbow came black times. The efforts of the regional police and special services were practically eliminated by the group. Most of its members were behind bars. Of the hundred and twenty active members of the organized crime group, only fifteen bandits managed to hide from the police. Among them was the elbow, which, together with seven other bandits, fled to neighboring Slovakia.

There the company led by the elbow has not found decent use for itself for a long time. True, for three months of their stay in Slovakia, the elbow and the company managed to inherit there. In bordering Ukraine, there were several robberies and robberies of our compatriots working in Slovakia. Naturally, this was the work of the elbow and his gang. Fortunately for bandits and unfortunately for many, many of our fellow citizens, the Slovak police failed to detain the gang of the elbow on their territory. Her members managed to get away from persecution and move to Germany.

Lokot and his accomplices moved to Germany for a reason. They knew very well that those who wanted to get an inexpensive used car gather in this country from many CIS countries. It was they who saw them with their future victims and sources of income.

Having settled in Hamburg, the loving stepfather’s elbow and his gang made connections with other criminal groups working in the same criminal field. Loktu managed to agree with the unorrusted king of the automobile market (former resident of Moscow) and he was allowed to work on the roads of Germany. From this moment on the gang of the elbow that happened at the beginning of last year, the Blood Way on the Highway Germany began. Criminals acted according to a pre -developed scheme. Two bandits were engaged in the fact that they tracked in the car market of our compatriots. First of all, the bandits paid attention to people who purchased cars of prestigious brands – "Mercedes" "BMW" "Audi" And the like.

After the buyer purchased the car, he went on it towards the border with Poland. Most of them absolutely did not know that they had already become the goal of the gang of those who were traveling behind them in two cars. Criminals made their attacks exclusively at night. Choosing the right moment for raids when there were no other vehicles on the freeway, the criminals clamped "In the box" the car of his victim and forced him to stop.

After that the driver was thrown out of his car. After that, the criminals beat and tied a lover-loser and left him "rest" Not far from the highway.

Having seized the car and all the documents necessary for him, one of the criminals drove him to neighboring Poland. From there his path lay in his native country where the car was sold to an intermediary, with whom the elbow was established from the time of his criminal activity in Ukraine. The rest of the criminals returned to Hamburg where they began the search for new "customers".

But not all attacks on compatriots took place smoothly. So at the end of May this year is criminals "They slowed down" "BMW", ruled by a resident of the city of Poltava. Realizing that the Poltava resident was happening on the raiders from the pistol "PM". As it turned out, the Poltava resident was a professional carrier of cars and knew well about the danger of his impaired on the roads. That is why he always carried firearms with him.

Three of the five shots made by Poltava have achieved their goals. One bandit was killed on the spot, and the other two were seriously injured. Only after that the elbow and his associates opened the fire. In this shootout, the Poltava was mortal injuries.

The shootout on the freeway did not go unnoticed by road police officers who took the roads of the roads where there was an attack in a dense ring. How did the bandits never tried to slip out of this ring to leave the police, they could not. All the surviving members of the gang of the elbow were detained by the German police. The investigation conducted by the Gamburg municipal prosecutor’s office revealed the involvement of the members of the elbow gang by eleven attacks on car buyers from different CIS countries. In addition, they were charged with one murder of a motorist from Poltava.

Currently Dmitry L. (Elbow) and five of his accomplices (two died from the bullets of Poltava) are in the prison of the city of Hamburg. For his crimes, the leader of the gang was sentenced to twelve years of imprisonment. The rest of the bandits received from eight to ten years in prison.

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