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What is the slate technology for creating

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At the moment, the construction market offers a large assortment of a wide variety of roofing materials. Even the most experienced specialist is quite difficult to navigate among them.

First, it should be determined that the roof is the upper element of the building, which must perform the enclosing, as well as heat-insulating functions. And the roof is only the upper part of the roof that protects it from atmospheric precipitation.  It is on the roof that all whims are happening, and the weather is.

Slate, which is a fibrous-cement sheets, belong to a group of roofing materials, which are called mineral. The main advantages of slate are its low cost, relative durability, non -capacity of installation, as well as health safety. Also the slate does not require separate hydro- or thermal insulation and has resistance to any aggressive influences.  Slate, like building material, has a service life that equals twenty -five years.

In fact, the economic efficiency of roofing materials determines precisely their durability and price, this includes installation and operation.  Slate for installation is cheaper than a soft or metal roof almost double.  At the same time, by its attractiveness, the slate, which is not painted, can largely concede other roofing materials.  Many enterprises are engaged in the sales of a painted slate, which many consumers need this way.

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