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Anti -gravel film features and advantages

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Despite the high strength, during operation, the paintwork of any car receives minor damage, which negatively affects its appearance. To protect against such a trouble, many today use anti -gravian film. It is produced by different domestic and foreign manufacturers. The film HEXIS, 3M and other brands is popular today.

How an atigram film is applied?

In order to stick anti -gravity coatings from some manufacturers, alcohol and soap solutions are used. They provide a high level of adhesion. This is how 3m production materials apply. Unlike them hexis film – self -adhesive.


The material under consideration reliably protects the car body from gravel, sand, scuffs. Neither insects nor bird droppings can ruin it. Anti -gravel film often has hydrophobic properties. Due to this, it perfectly repels water and dirt. This greatly simplifies the washing process.

The anti -gravel film not only reliably protects the body of the car, but also makes it aesthetically more attractive. Some models have complete transparency and give a pleasant glossy shine to paint coating. If desired, you can, on the contrary, choose a material with a matting effect. It is also worth noting that the anti -gravel film of a number of brands has the ability to self -heal. For this, exposure to it is necessary on high temperature. The film is restored under the rays of the sun. But this process can also be carried out using hot water or hair dryer.

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