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Lagonda = Aston Martin + Mercedes

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So far, the passions of the Geneva car dealership had not yet had time to subside, on which Aston Martin did not just surprise, but rather even shocked the entire car bomond with his crossover, I would like to add a little more oil into the fire. Also, perhaps, the company will delight motorists and Lagonda sedan, because in 2009 two models under the Lagonda brand were announced to release. According to the company, the sales of the DBS compartment amounted to only 691 cars in 2009, in 2010 824 (taking into account the DBS Volante convertible). The first in line for serial production is a four -door sedan, which will be created on the basis of Aston Martin Rapide, but will receive a completely different appearance and a more luxurious interior. A trifle can be noted of some aluminum inserts and air “pockets” on the hood. Technical characteristics of the concept are kept secret. The car was produced until 1992. Ulrich Betz also said that the company, as part of the program to reduce the level of emissions into the atmosphere of carbon dioxide, will build an electrical modification of Minikar Cyg next year. However, it is not clear why this drapery with fur is performed on the front seats. In addition to the above, the plans of both companies include the creation of a common platform for the release of flagship models. The last of them, as expected, will become an ideological successor to the Aston Martin Lagonda car of the 1976 model. The transformation has stopped on this. Most likely, it is this platform that will be the basis of the serial model. However, apparently, the British decided to experience luck SUV ASTON MARTIN will still take place. It can be assumed that the event was the third screaming of supercars, as DBS predecessor also bore the name Vanquish. Rescuers and life support services are made in increased readiness, RIA Vostok-Media reports with reference to "Interfax-Dalniy East" Sales of trucks in Moscow. It seems that this is an exact reason that made companies such as Lambhini and Bentley present their own SUVs. The new brand will fall into new countries. According to some reports, the same platform will be the basis of the serial model. In addition, there are two already modified engines with a working volume of 6.1 liters. * If you find a mistake in the text, select the word with an error with the mouse and click Ctrl+Enter. Comments (0) Add a comment to subscribe to new comments

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