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What questions arise when the thermal insulation of the apartment

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Currently, the thermal insulation of apartments is becoming more and more popular. Why this happens? Maybe frosts are now stronger or at home? Perhaps that is why the market offers a huge number of materials for warming houses. But what about the insulation of the apartment? To do this, first you should think about replacing windows with windows, since the heat leaves through the cracks in wooden frames, and the cold penetrates.

For insulation of the walls of the apartment you will have to spend a lot of money and time. It is necessary to start with a major overhaul, which provides for external work. Inside the thermal insulation of the walls can also be made, only in advance it is necessary to provide good ventilation in order to avoid increased humidity.  Internal insulation begins with the manufacture of a special supporting frame. When it is ready and installed, insulation slabs are laid on it. The chosen insulation should be non -combustible, have low thermal conductivity, necessarily environmental friendliness. In addition, you need to be sure that he does not have a shrinkage.  Additionally, plates are covered with a protective film. Between vapor barrier slabs and interior trim, the air layer is left for air circulation.  To do this, two centimeters from vapor barrier set another light frame is installed. The wall covering is mounted on it. To warm the floor, the technology of warm floor is increasingly used.

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