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Determining the time for repair in an apartment or house

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When you think about repairs in your own home, you should not expect that everything will go easily and simply, you have to face a lot of problems, tasks and questions.  To facilitate this labor -intensive process, you will need to follow some rules, features and nuances.

The first thing to do before starting the repair is to draw up a plan for repair work. If you definitely determine the goals, it will be easier for you to achieve them.  To do this, it is necessary to record all your wishes ideas and thoughts regarding the future repairs on paper. Particularly carefully need to consider the details of the future interior. Think well how you will feel in such an interior in a year, will you get tired. It is worth applying such details that can be updated without resorting to complete dismantling.

Decide on the deadlines. Determination of the deadlines is an important part of the performance of any task. It is worth noting that the planned time of repair should almost always be multiplied by two. This is due to constantly arising nuances, especially in the houses of the old building. If you are initially ready for this, then the time frame will not put pressure on you so much.

Next, it is worth deciding on the main actors of the repair. Whether you try to do something yourself or invite professionals, it is worth noting that in this case your role in the repair is limited to the control of the work performed. You can easily cope with the preparatory work yourself, for example, remove old coatings, remove furniture, carry out partial dismantling.  Work that require special skills and preparation is better to present to specialists, this is only much more expensive at first glance, as a result, as a result, the savings are minimal compared to independent repair, and if you take into account psychological costs?

Do not refuse reasonable savings. It is worth thinking in advance like furniture that you already have, will fit into the future interior. If animals live in the house, perhaps it is worth giving preference to inexpensive finishing materials. If you have the remains of some material, you need to think about the possibility of their use, for example, on the balcony or dressing room.

Another renovation rule is accuracy. Initially, you need to do everything carefully, do not count on the fact that after the repair you will need general cleaning. She, of course, is really required, but if everything is originally done neatly, then finishing the repair will be much easier.

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