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What materials to buy for decoration of a pool or bathroom

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In the decoration of bathrooms, pools, other rooms with a high humidity level, material such as mosaics is increasingly using such interesting.

In the production process of this type of finishing materials, multi -colored glass material in the form of cubes, plates or others is often used – smalt. This choice is a number of advantages of smalt over other materials. Thus, this type of finishing coating has unorases and high wear resistance with zero water absorption coefficient. And the choice of smalt for the decoration of fireplaces and facades is dictated by its frost -resistant and heat -resistant characteristics.

This material is suitable for the implementation of a variety of interior compositions and decorative accents. Offering about 90 shades to choose from, the mosaic allows you to create original combinations and panels.

However, the lumpy material is very expensive, and mosaic manufacturers during the manufacture process use glass alloys and smalt or only glass. It can be Venetian glass with a slightly -shaped or smooth texture, transparent and not. There is also a mosaic of glass or smalt in combination with adventurine, susal gold, and other natural stones on the market.

Both domestic and imported representatives of this material have price characteristics that are formed depending on the complexity of the composition.

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