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Foamyplex material for foundation insulation

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The purpose of any insulation is to ensure comfort and comfort in the room. It would seem, what is the connection between this and insulation of the foundation? First of all, this is necessary from a practical point of view. Now more and more basement is used as sports halls or laundry.

Accordingly, the air temperature for the functioning of such rooms should be at the level of room. Therefore, the foundation is usually insulated outside and inside. To prevent the appearance of dampness and fungus, the thermal insulation layer is simply necessary. This problem is especially acute if the floors of the house are concrete. The supporting structure suffers due to the formation of condensate at temperature differences.

The foam has proven itself well as a heater. To warm the foundation, a soil layer is removed around the perimeter. Sand is poured into the resulting trench to create a kind of pillow. Foam slabs are installed on this pillow and fastened with bitumen mastic. The gaps between the plates are disconnected. In the corners of the facade, a layer of polystyrene foam should be more than one and a half times. Foam can be used for insulation inside by gluing to the surface. This method of insulation of the foundation prevents from cracking and deformation.

Foam is suitable for foundation insulation. This is a material that, thanks to its structure, is not exposed to moisture and very strong. Warming with a foam can begin only a few days after waterproofing. Foam slabs are glued to the base almost without gaps. Application of glue is not enough on the entire surface of the plate, but point. Upon completion of the foam sticker, the thermal insulation of the soil is carried out by analogy with the foam.

Insulation of the foundation with polyurethane foam (PPU) is effective and not difficult. This material is not glued, but sprayed. Due to this, the foam penetrates all the irregularities on the surface of the foundation. The coating that is formed after spraying excludes moisture by 100%.

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