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Renault Logan car – roughly cut firmly sewn

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Renault Logan car in Russia can be safely called a bestseller. He lasted without special changes on the conveyor for nearly 10 years, from 2004 to 2010 and became one of the most popular foreign cars. Not so long ago, sales of the second generation of this car started, but the demand for the first Logan in the secondary market has only grown. What was this, unpretentious car, who loved, Russian motorists?

During its development, French engineers did not begin to wake up, they took nodes from other models that have already passed the test of time and proved their reliability. Maybe that’s why Logan’s appearance, unlike other French cars, turned out to be rustic. But with reliability, everything is in order, and the cost at the level of domestic micro -lines. And besides, his asset has a spacious salon, without problems accommodating five saddles and a 500 -liter trunk with a volume of 500 liters. That is, the whole set of consumer characteristics that Russians value. During the production, the Renault Logan car was restored twice, first in 2007, then in 2010. True, the changes can be called more cosmetic, apparently the French were guided by the Russian rule – they are not looking for good from good. And only in 2013 the car was seriously redone, so the second Logan family appeared.

Spacious salon, but with ergonomics of the problem


Angular shapes at the beginning of many drivers caused a grin. But it was difficult to make a claim to the quality of the assembly. Neat, even gaps, clear fitting of body panels. True, in the first issues there were complaints that rust quickly appears in the places of chips. Especially often such a defect arose around the windshield. But already in 2008, the external panels began to be additionally protected using galvanic coating and the problem disappeared. Although the paintwork is still very tender and subject to chips.

Almost all cars knitting along our roads are assembled on Autoframos in Moscow.


For Russian motorists, two options for power units were available: gasoline “four” 1.4 and 1.6 – a liter. The first motor with a capacity of 75 liters. With. The second at first was 90 liters. With., But after modernization in 2009, it was brought to 102 liters. With. Engines are considered simple and reliable and without problems digest AI – 92. But the quality of fuel can seriously affect their “health”. The first copies of the Renault Logan car, there were problems with launch in the cold season. But the recharge method with this ailment coped. So cars in the secondary market, there should not be such problems. Another weak point of the engines is a leak through the front oil seal. It was not rarely that she arose to 60 thousand kilometers of run. At this time, the deadline for replacing the timing belt was just suitable, at the same time changed the oil seal. By the way, keep in mind that the timing belt is recommended to be changed on time so as not to run into serious repair. What else is important to remember – the engine is not recommended to wash. At least without additional protection of the ignition coils and the control unit (it is located on the motor compartment behind the battery), otherwise you can “get” 18 rubles. So do not trust the washers with this procedure.


The vast majority of Logan are equipped with 5 – step manual transmission. She is reliable and unpretentious. There are complaints, perhaps, to fuzzy gear shift. But to the “machine”, which appeared on some cars in 2009, there are not few complaints. Already by 80 thousand he may require a fairly serious repair, it will cost a minimum of thousand in 45. The only plus is that it is simple enough, so it will be able to repair it in any specialized service.


For some reason it is generally accepted that Logan is practically not killed by Logan. Unfortunately, it is not. In the front suspension, the weakness is the hub bearings. They rarely live longer than 30 thousand kilometers. Short -lived and shock absorber racks with ball supports. You have to change them already at 60 thousand km. Fortunately, the cost of consumables is not large: racks – 3400 rubles, supports – 1300. So it hurts pocket. There is nothing to break in the rear suspension, so it can withstand up to 100 thousand without problems.


trunk -510 liters

The spaciousness here is certainly plenty of. Three adult men are freely placed on the back sofa. The ceiling is high, so even a native passenger has a solid supply over the head. But to the ergonomics of comments there is a lot. The governing bodies are inconvenient. There are a lot of incomprehensible design solutions, for example, the sound signal button at the turning end of the turns or the windows key on the central console. The back of the rear seat does not lay out, since at least the trunk is large. But there is nothing to do with it, you have to get used to it.

Despite the fact that sales of the second generation have started, the Renault Logan car, they do not plan to remove from production yet. But there is also Lada Largus, almost the same Logan only with the station wagon, and the new Nissan almera differs only externally from it. In general, with all the variety of choice, there is no alternative to Logan yet.

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