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How to make a waterfall of stone in the house with your own hands

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A very beautiful and modern solution in interior design is a stone waterfall. The sound of the murmur of water, which rolls down the stones, will not leave anyone indifferent. Using a natural stone, you can create a unique interior. The advantage of using natural stone is its unpretentiousness in care, it is not capable of destruction under the influence of water.

You can place a waterfall in any convenient place of your dwelling. It can be both the angle of the room or along the wall, while adding it to the floor stream. There are also combined waterfall models.

For the manufacture of such jewelry, various types of natural stone, all kinds of textures and colors of the foundation for falling water are used. The waterfall can be based on decorative backlight, which makes this element of the decor even more attractive. And if you use the effect of morning fog, you can not only bring originality to the designer solution, but also take care of your health, since the fog will moisturize the air and purify it of dust.

To create this kind of jewelry for an apartment, it is necessary to build stone ledges that differ in different heights. For these ledges, water will drain into a kind of “shelf”, and return to the bowl from it again.

To create a constant stream of water, it is necessary to use special devices that will lift it from the bowl to the top. Using a waterfall, you can simulate a granite rock, or sea grotto.

Using marble models, you can create an antique style in your home. And the mica -shaped quartz slate has the ability to turn over and water, creating unique patterns, will emphasize all the features of this stone.

It is better to entrust the installation of a waterfall to professionals, since they own all the nuances and principles for installing this kind of designs.

The waterfall should be cleaned from pollution every two months using a soft cloth or sponge. The water in the waterfall changes monthly, and you should use distilled water.

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