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Lada Priora will replace the Lada Vesta sedan

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September 24, 2014 VDITRIH

Greetings to you, friends. Since September 2015, AvtoVAZ plans to start serial release of a new car. The Lada Vesta sedan should replace on the conveyor a long -outed prior.

Vesta has already been demonstrated at the Moscow Motor Show and I must admit that the car turned out to be quite interesting. And not only externally. Its internal content has also changed significantly.

Vesta was built on the new LADA B platform, in the development of which the engineers of the Reno concern – Nissan took part. Largely thanks to their experience, the suspension of the new sedan turned out to be energy-intensive and promises to be as reliable as that of the other French-Japanese bestseller Renault Logan.

Vesta’s production is planned to be organized at the site in the city of Izhevsk. Thanks to its size, the car should be the most spacious among class B sedans. To match the size and a wide line of power units. There will be as many as 4 options, so there is a choice for every taste, from an economical and inexpensive Vazovsky eight -plate with a capacity of 87 liters. With. to the Nissan motor with a capacity of 122 liters. With. A 5 -step “mechanics” is provided as a basic transmission, a robotic box will be available for more powerful versions.

Cars should be fully adapted to Russian operating conditions. The engines are tuned for harsh winters, the thresholds and bottom have enhanced anti -gravel protection, and the motor compartment and the engine compartment are equipped with protection against damage and mud.

The Vesta body is completely galvanized and has a six -year warranty from through corrosion. The salon looks stylish, and finishing materials look quite worthy. Already in the basic equipment, the car will receive an ABS, adjustable in height and departure of the steering column and head seats for all three passengers. In the top – the climate will also be a climate – control and multimedia installation with a navigation system. The cost of basic combinations promise at the level of 400 thousand rubles.

According to the general manager AvtoVAZ BO Andersson, he hopes that the new brainchild is a Lada Vesta sedan, not a lot will compete with such hits of the automobile market as Volkswagen Polo Sedan and Hyundai Solaris. As they say, wait, see. Moreover, there is not a lot of wait left at all.

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