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What factors to pay attention to when choosing a screwdriver

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Necessary both when performing construction and repair work, and in everyday life, this tool helps to install frames, assembly of furniture, replacement of the castle and much more. It’s about a screwdriver.

Among the main characteristics that are undoubtedly important when choosing a similar tool, the following are distinguished.

First of all, it is the torque of the device and the frequency of its rotation. Models with minimal indicators are suitable for household needs, which, however, can tighten even tight self -tapping screws. And universal models with higher indicators will help in the drilling of the hardest materials. For twisting, enough equipment with a reducer of 500 rpm, and for full drilling – from 1200 rpm. Battery screwdrivers are mainly equipped with a planetary gearbox.

The difference between a professional and household screwdriver consists in the power and operating time of the battery in autonomous mode. In household models, mainly nickel-cadmium batteries are represented, which have a negative property of “memory” and the presence of a harmful cadmium. It is not in lithium-ion batteries, but they are not suitable for work in the cold. There are also models operating from the E/E network, but limiting the movements of the cord.

In addition to these parameters, you need to study the tool handle for convenience. The choice of the manufacturer depends to a greater extent on the aspect of the price.

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