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DIY diesel nozzles cleaning

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DIY diesel nozzles cleaning

Cars with a diesel engine are considered more reliable and economical. That is why they are so attractive to drivers. But do not forget that the guarantee of performance is timely preventive work. After all, more than half of the failures of the engines are on the fuel system. In case of malfunction of the fuel system, the overspending of fuel can be up to 200 liters per 10 thousand. km. The motor with a large “mileage” needs periodic cleaning of the fuel system, since various deposits are formed on fuel pipelines and in a high pressure pump.

The culprit of pollution most often becomes low -quality fuel. Thus, contaminants in the fuel supply affect the operating mode of the nozzles. Polluted spray hole in the nozzle, reduces the quality of the fuel mixture. Due to the contamination of the nozzle, some problems in the operation of the car arise: – difficult to start the engine.

This is especially noticeable in cold weather;- working with interruptions at idle. The turns falls sharply, the car is not rarely stalling;- the fuel consumption becomes greater; – the power of the car is lost; – increasing the toxicity of exhaust gases. DIY diesel nozzles are cleaned in two ways. The simplest – chemical, is that special fluids are poured into the fuel tank. They dissolve deposits on the nozzles nozzles.

There is another, mechanical method of cleaning diesel nozzles has its own characteristics, and for its use without some repair skills, one cannot do. Since there are many channels and technological holes inside the nozzle itself, a large number of deposits accumulate there, of a different nature. It must be remembered that significant efforts will be required to clean these channels.

A spray is installed inside the nozzle. This part necessarily changes to a new one, since it is not subject to restoration. Before cleaning, the nozzle is disassembled, all parts are thoroughly washed. The best way to clean is washing in an ultrasound bath.

But since few have few baths, experienced motorists advise buying a household ultrasound washing machine. An ordinary spray can be suitable. The composition is sprayed under pressure, which contributes to good cleaning.

At the final stage, the details are collected in the reverse order, not forgetting about the installation of a new sprayer. With some knowledge, auto mechanics, independent flushing of nozzles should not cause big difficulties.


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