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How to make your move safe: simple rules and useful tips

by buma888

Moving is a difficult ordeal and a source of enormous stress. Most often, people want it to be convenient and fast. Not everyone realizes that moving should also be safe. It’s worth looking at more information on paramountmoving.ca , and it turns out that there are many security threats: things can get lost, break, or be stolen.

Packing things

You need to plan your move in advance. The rule “give up the unnecessary” works one hundred percent: if things are not really needed, it is better to sell or give them away. And stock up on packing materials, taking into account the number of things. Packaging is:

  • bubble wrap;
  • stretch film;
  • foam inserts;
  • boxes;
  • plastic bags;
  • small ziplock bags;
  • cardboard dividers;
  • newspapers or waste paper;
  • scotch;
  • twine.

Divide your items into groups and start packing. If possible, furniture should be disassembled: pull out shelves, remove doors. Cover the corners with foam inserts and wrap the entire piece of furniture with film. Some items (chairs, for example) can be stacked. Place furniture fittings in a separate bag and glue it directly to the film.

Household appliances are packaged similarly. You need to take everything apart so that nothing is loose and put it in bags. Roll up the cables and glue them directly to the body. Wrap the equipment with film. It’s great if the factory boxes with foam inserts have been preserved.

Other things should be placed in boxes of suitable size. Fill the voids with paper or newspapers. If possible, take fragile items apart, wrap them in bubble wrap, and line them with cardboard dividers. Clothes – clean, dry, without small items forgotten in your pocket – can be put in boxes or bags.

Separately put the things you will need at first.

Loading and transportation

A safe move is a clear procedure. Make a plan in advance, figure out what things are needed first, what to put where. Label the packaging: “fragile”, “for the bedroom”, “load first”. Remember: the items loaded first will be destroyed at the very end.

To avoid losing anything, make a list of things in duplicate. Separate roles: Assign a person to supervise loading and unloading. He must mark on a list which items have already gone into the car and ensure that they are not stolen. The second person will guard the open doors and will not let strangers inside.

When leaving the apartment, you need to turn off the gas and water, and turn off the electricity. Close all windows (no open vents!), lock the doors. You should take the keys with you or entrust them to a trusted person, but hiding them nearby is a bad idea. If the move is organized correctly, only empty walls will remain inside.

The car must comply with all traffic rules and drive at a steady, low speed. It is advisable to design a route so that you drive on high-quality asphalt without holes. If a pass is required for a new or old territory, you need to order it in advance.


It is safest to send an individual to the new apartment first: he will move the essentials, prepare dinner and make sure the new apartment is in order. You need to check gas, electricity, water, screw in light bulbs if necessary, remove protection from sockets. Ventilation will not be superfluous, but you need to be careful with it.

When unloading, things must be checked against the list, noting what exactly was unloaded, and carefully monitor the loaders. It is convenient to put things immediately in the right room. If all items are crossed off the list, nothing is lost or stolen, the moved residents receive lunch and sit wearily on chairs – everything is done correctly. Just remember to lock the doors after the movers leave.

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