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How to make a decorative fireplace on your own

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To create an original design in the interior, while combining exclusivity in the style and natural heat of fire, you can use a decorative fireplace without a chimney. This solution is perfect for installation in a modern office or in the house.

When choosing a decorative fireplace, first you need to decide on its location. This is necessary in order to choose the model suitable for you, since now I exist models that can be installed both at the wall and in the corner of the room.

If we talk about styles, then it should be noted that there are various styles of decorative fireplace design. So, on the market you can find classic decorative fireplaces, and fireplaces in the style of “country”. It all depends on your taste and interior of the room.

Decorative fireplace is primarily used as a decoration of space. The heating system may either be completely absent, or be built into the design. Recently, decorative fireplaces can often be found in city apartments. Such a design solution is used by those people who love the warmth and comfort of the hearth, but for any reason they cannot afford it. The advantage of using a decorative fireplace is that he does not need a chimney, and it is also easy to operate.

The design of the decorative fireplace is the basis of the electric fireplace. Such models most believably imitate the flame of fire, and sometimes even a crack of logs. These fireplaces have several heating modes and are controlled using a remote control panel.

A decorative fireplace, in which the heating system is absent, acts as a decor, is made of any material and can have a different shape. Such a fireplace is characterized by low prices, so everyone can install it.

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