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How to evaluate your finances for building a house

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Recently, Russians often think about the advantage of living in their home and evaluate their own finances. Ready -made options for cottages are very cheap. For the indicated reasons, many study the possibilities of building a house with their own hands, resorting to the help of a hired brigade.

Many factors affect the cost of building any home. If you decide to build a house for a family of three to five people, make it spacious, warm and convenient, then your costs can be calculated.

First of all, we need a plot of land for construction. For this, allocation in cottage development is suitable, or buy land in rural areas with already existing outdated buildings.

The cottage village and the plot in it have its own positive aspects: here the general -user territory is landscaped, the protection of the round day is probably working, there are good entrances, outlets and other benefits of civilization (electricity, gas pipeline, water supply).

Individual developers are guided by the following formula: at 10 squares of living space you need at least 100 square meters of land. Many parameters affect the cost of land: location and environment, range from the city. The proximity to large Russian cities will invest a quarter of the total cost in the price of the site. In a prestigious place, the value of the land will exceed 50 percent.

Another responsible point is an architectural project that is necessary to control the architectural and construction quality and consumption of building materials. Competent design documentation with high accuracy calculates the consumption of materials and the total cost of construction. Keep in mind that unprofessional project can even lead to damage to the house if the foundation does not withstand the loads.

If you buy a typical project, this will become enough “budget” option. But it can be a little correct taking into account your tastes and addictions. A typical project varies from twenty to fifty thousand rubles.

Now let us dwell on the box, which consists of the foundation, ceilings and enclosing structures, which include the roof and walls. The costs of these purposes will amount to about a third of the cost of the entire construction.

An important point is what the house will be built from. Brick is popular, from which a large half of Russians are being built. Its operational periods are exceeding 150 years. Having finished the construction of the box, think about windows, doors, communications, finishing materials, etc.P.

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