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How to choose and install ceiling tiles

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Perhaps for someone, the surface finish with ceiling tiles will seem old -fashioned. Moreover, now a huge number of modern finishing materials for any surface. Recently, complex drywall structures, stretch ceilings or tissue finishes have been used more often. Ceiling tiles, unlike these materials, have advantages in the price and installation technology. It is not expensive and does not require much effort during installation.

Before gluing, the ceiling tile should “get used to” to the temperature of the room where it is planned to be “used to. This will prevent deformation of tiles after the sticker. Before starting work, the base surface is prepared. It is necessary to remove the old layer and apply a putty to align and remove obvious defects. After this layer is completely dry, you can proceed to the primer.

The next stage is quite entertaining – marking. It is necessary to pull the threads from the corners and the middle line of the joint of the ceiling with the wall, by analogy of the lines located on the flag of Britain. When gluing tiles from the middle of the surface, this method of the ceiling will indicate this method of marking. For the diagonal method of gluing, two threads from the corners are enough. Next, you can proceed to the direct decoration of the ceiling. There are small bulges on the inner surface of the tile, on which glue is applied.

The first tile is glued so that one of its corners is “settled” clearly in the center of the ceiling, in accordance with the marking. The remaining ceiling tiles are glued parallel to the first. As a rule, this finishing material requires cutting at the site of the “meeting” of the ceiling and walls. This must be taken into account when buying, not forgetting to make a reserve. When finishing the ceiling of a small room, you should not use the diagonal method. This will increase the amount of waste.

The final moment of finishing is the gluing of the ceiling plinth. It is intended for the “masking” of the gaps between the wall and the ceiling. The skirting board also needs to be bought with a margin, because it will have to cut and join it in the corners.

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