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Entrance doors

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There is a huge selection of entrance doors for every taste and at various prices. Of course, the main function of the front door is to protect the premises from the penetration of attackers, but we must not forget about the aesthetic aspect of the front door, because it is a hallmark of your house. The largest seizures, as expected, received the steel doors of Moscow, because such doors have sufficient strength to confront hacking. At the same time, choosing a beautiful door that will be combined with the exterior and interior of your house is quite simple (the benefit is its choice is huge). There are various options for decorating metal doors from cheap leatherette to expensive (but perhaps the most aesthetic) panels made of natural wood.

When choosing a door, it is important to pay attention to the features of its design, since reliability largely depends on the choice of design and the aesthetic component of your door. The standard shape of the door is rectangular, but you can order arched doors (and any other). The entrance doors can be single -leafy and double. Doors with two sash are usually used in wide doorways, and with one sash in narrower.

Also an important role is played by factors such as thermal insulation, noise insulation, quality and location of door loops and locking locks.

Poorly executed loops can easily be cut off with a grinder, and then remove the door with a crowbar. So that this does not happen, metal pins are mounted in the doorbox, which will not allow the door to be removed.

Good luck to the choice of the front door, which is suitable for you!

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