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The Volkswagen Polo in Russia lowered prices

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The Volkswagen Group S source provided the new cost of a car with a sedan body that is assembled in Russia. It decreased in a sufficient amount, from 18 to 97 thousand. rub. The number depends on the equipment of the machine.

Polo models that have decreased to a greater extent at the prices are samples of expensive modifications. Highline, equipped with 1.6 liters. engine with a power of 105 liters. With. Now it can be bought for 669 900 rubles., which is 97 thousand. less than before. The Polo option with a 5-speed box decreased by 72 thousand. rub.

Medium assembly models decreased by 45 – 53 thousand. For example, Trendline with an 86 liter engine. With. and “mechanics”, you can buy for 523 thousand. rub. Previously, the car cost 568 thousand. rub. The version is more expensive, equipped with an engine by 105 liters. With., now costs 604900 rubles. Car car "Lux" – Fortline has become cheaper than 53 thousand.

Conceptline includes accessible equipment. It is equipped with 14-inch wheels made of steel, an engine for 86 liters. With., "mechanics". Currently, the price for the car is 505,000 rubles., that for 33 thousand. less than the previously requested price.

Such changes in the price policy of cars are associated with the desire to increase sales, t. To. A general decline is now observed.

Polo sedan model is designed personally for the Russian Federation. It is produced in Kaluga. The Polo body is galvanized, which protects the machine from corrosion exposure. In addition, changes were made to the suspension in the back.

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