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How to remove old wallpaper from the wall surface

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Having covered new wallpapers, you can change the interior of the room from boring and gray walls and change them to bright and beautiful. For this, the old wallpaper should be removed, but then you will face the problem of how to do it. This old paper stuck so well that you literally refuse to tearing them off. But after many efforts, you can finally get rid of all old wallpaper on the walls, and then meet face to face with another problem – how to poke new.
What will you do now with the glue that sticks out on the wall? After removing the glue, it is important to get a smooth clean surface, so when you glue new wallpapers, you need to carefully monitor this. Any starch -based glue can easily be removed with warm water and detergent. Headache begins when you try to remove glue on a chemical basis. These types of glue form a chemical bond with the walls, so that they can be removed only with certain methods.
Determining the type of your wall

  • The first step is to determine the type of wall. That is, if you have a dry wall or plaster.
  • Dry walls need to pay more attention, as they are more sensitive to damage.

Moisturization of paper

  • Cutting or piercing paper the ability to penetrate moisture. This is very effective for saturated or vinyl wallpaper, as they resist moisture.
  • You can moisten paper using water or solution containing a mixture of water and vinegar.
  • Water should be used with a steamer or using a sprayer.


  • If the pasta is old, then the paper can be removed without curettage. Otherwise, you must use a scraper.
  • If the paper does not break off easily, then you need to use a solvent or method of chemical removal.

Removing residues from the walls.

  • After removing the wallpaper, the following that you need to remove is the remaining glue.
  • Glue can be easily removed with any detergent or chemicals.
  • Wipe with a sponge or use a sprayer.

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