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Basic rules for mounting a chandelier what you need to know

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If you are a chandelier and you want to install it without the help of an electrician, then you need to know some basic rules for installing electrical appliances. But if earlier you have never dealt with the repair or installation of electrical equipment, then it is better not to undertake this yourself.

The first thing to check when installing any electrical equipment must be convinced of the absence of voltage in the network.

1. It is necessary to determine the phases of the wires. This is achieved at the initial stage by touching each wire with an indicator screwdriver. When it hits the phase, the indicator lights up, when it hits zero, the indicator does not burn. In order not to get confused isolate zero from other wires.

2. For reliable installation of a chandelier, it is necessary to check the suspension hook fortress by hanging a load on it equal to a slightly larger your chandelier. This is necessary in order to be sure that when installing a heavy chandelier, fasteners will be able to withstand the weight of the load.

3. Do not forget that all compounds are made using a terminal. Do not bind the wires among themselves, as this does not guarantee reliability and can cause a short circuit.

4. The zero wire on the ceiling is connected to the zero wire on the chandelier, and phase wires on the ceiling respectively with phase wires on the chandelier. To determine the purpose of these wires, color marking is used. Black or brown – phase, blue – zero, yellow or green – protective ground. It is always worth watching the instructions carefully, usually these nuances are indicated in it.

5. When checking, you should connect the light and check the correct connection. If you are mistaken in the installation of the wiring, then just change the phase wires in places.

6. After proper assembly, the chandelier is attached to the bar on the ceiling, attaching additional decorations from the supply kit. Regulate the height and enjoy their work!

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