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When the houses become a reality, reviews appear

by newsplaces

When expectations are worse than reality. What is the difference between a good developer? Is it possible to believe advertising?

No, when you wait for the good, but get the bad – we are used to this. But when you do not wait for anything good, but you get a car and a small cart – you can get a heart attack from the same! Our family decided to build their cottage. A friend of one office advised me, they say, very cheap, you will save a bunch of money, but it seemed to me some kind of muddy and I refused. And the money is already on hand, a loan, interest is running! You need to start building, however.

And then friends advised the company “Image-Stroy”. They were ready to start work immediately, and this resolved the issue. Although I doubted terribly. I never trusted firms, which, as on their website, is all a foreign and almost new technique. It does not happen when the construction of cottages is underway! However, when just such a technique was stirred on our site – powerful, modern and almost new, I was fragmented. And when I found out that the technique was not rented, and their own, it became completely unable to!

But that’s not all. Of course, I understand that turnkey frame houses are technologies that greatly accelerate the process. But not the same! I didn’t pay for speed … But they seem to work not massively, but according to an individual project. Fantastic….

However, it drove me when the management of the company! Just like that, to control the quality and timing of the work! Without warning. Like the Germans in the 41st ..

In general, I myself would not believe it myself, if not for the proof of everything – I live today in a cottage house built by this company ..

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