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Preparatory work before flooring with varnish

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 If you are going to cover the floor with varnish, then do not forget about preparatory work. First you need to grind and cycle the floor. In order to facilitate your grinding process, you can take an electric floor. In place of its brush, fix the sandpaper, which is made of fabric and work with its help.

 You can very easily cover the parquet floor with varnish if you resort to a special device: take two sponges made of rubber and fix them in a rag holder.

Such a device will not leave ugly shelves on the floor and will allow you to work in the distance from harmful vapors, which exude all types of varnishes and solvents.

It is possible to make a floor cyclist, which is covered with varnish or paint, it can be much easier if you pre -iron the floor with an ordinary iron. Only this is necessary only through a damp rag, so as not to inadvertently damage the existing surface.

In order for both lanes of linoleum to lie beautifully and evenly, put a self -adhesive film under the basis, this will help to put both parts of.

If you have just made repairs, but the floorboards have already quarreled, do not be upset. This drawback can be very easily fixed, only taking a rope or dense twine, smearing it with carpentry glue and driving it into the place where the hole was formed. Then let all this dry for at least a day and plunge the result using a special putty that can be bought at any construction store.

It is not difficult to close the seams between the stripes of linoleum if you put long scraps of this material in the gap, carefully melt them with a soldering iron, and after smoothing and moving the formed soft mass.

If you have just painted the floor, but urgently need to go through it, put small pieces of polyethylene films and go freely in these areas. After the paint is completely dry, feel free to remove the film and you will see that the difference between those areas where the films were and where it was not placed, there was no.

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