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How to with the help of a brick bump of a well on the site

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The natural desire of the owners of summer cottages is ennobled by the territory, to decorate with something unusual, often leads to interesting construction experiments. At the same time, not only baths or arbors are being built in the countryside. An interesting solution to landscape design is the construction of a well. This long -forgotten ancient skill can be realized today in reality.

The choice of a place for the construction of a well should be carried out not only from the part of the general aesthetic type. The main condition for this choice is the level of groundwater. On the flat surface, this level is at a depth of 20 meters, in high areas – higher, and in lowlands – below. It is not recommended to install a well near the treatment facilities or possible sewage drainage. During construction, the area of ​​the slopes will cause difficulty, on the banks of rivers or in ravines.

In order to build a well with your own hands, you can’t do without the help of friends. In order to dig a well of the well, you will need strength, at least three people. This is the most time -consuming job. A concrete ring with a wall thickness of approximately 10 cm is lowered into a dug pit. To fix the mine, concrete, brick, wood or reinforced concrete are used.

If the well is built with a brick, then it is better to choose not silicate, but red. It is more durable. For the construction of a mine well, you can use wood. Unfortunately, even oak structures are not durable, after 15 – 20 years they rot. Gravel falls asleep to the bottom of the well. It performs the function of the filter. The upper part of the well should be above the surface of the earth by a meter. For the design of the construction you will need your own fantasy.

Perhaps it will be a beautiful wooden thread or modern materials. The main purpose of the well as a source of water will not change from this. You can raise water from the mine in the usual ancient way, using a bucket and a spinning shaft. For watering plants on the site you will need a pump. The average life of the well for more than 30 years.

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