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Nextraq released the Clearpath Efficient Routing application for fleets

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To manage fleets, many companies use GPS situations systems. The most famous developer of such systems is Nextraq. She constantly creates new applications and programs to improve the quality and ease of use of tracking systems and recently it became known that she introduced the public her new development, which optimizes the Clearpath Efficient Routing routes. This application is suitable only for the NEXTRAQ Fleet Tracking Platform platform. The new program allows dispatchers to manage a huge number of employees who, in turn, will be able to save on fuel, machine hours and fulfill the maximum number of orders, distributing free coupons for discounts for calling their services. By pressing only one button, the Clearpath technology independently determines an effective and short way to the destination, and if it needs to be corrected, then a manager or dispatcher manually add or move “points of interest”. The route will be transferred to the driver with changes in the NEXTRAQ Fleet Dispatch application. All these operations will occupy a matter of seconds, so the level of customer service will rise and fuel costs will decrease. Nextraq Executive Director emphasized: “Our company is constantly working on improving its own products. We focus on customers’ needs and try to create all the conditions for saving their time and fuel. The new application just performs all the above tasks “.

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