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How to visely expand the space with the help of materials

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The correct selection of materials for stream, walls and floor of a small bedroom will help create volume and comfort. Light and warm tones should prevail in the decoration.  For a small room, it can be very difficult to choose the texture of the wallpaper.

A good choice for decorating the walls of the bedroom will be velor wallpaper. They give special comfort and warmth. The walls of the bedrooms pasted with flesilin wallpaper look good. When choosing a texture, it is important not to forget about the color scheme and figure. For the bedroom, shades of brown and beige are well suited, all shades of blue or green, gold and bronze. These colors expand the space and have a calming property. Expansion of space can be achieved by choosing horizontal drawings. In addition to wallpaper for walls, you can use matte paint, the listed tones.

Looks good in a small bedroom of a white stretch ceiling. If numerous lamps skillfully mount it, then this will create volume and comfort. By the way, as for the light. There should not be many in the bedroom. You can think over the lighting that will increase, and gradually be faded as necessary. When choosing a flooring, you should pay attention to the environmental friendliness and external characteristics of materials.

The greatest preference for the floor of the bedroom is given to the parquet and laminate. They have good aesthetic properties, diverse in texture and colors. The main feature of the floor repair of a small bedroom is the way to lay materials. Parquet and laminate will increase the size of the room with diagonal styling.  

All finishing work on the repair of the bedroom can be done with your own hands. They do not require special special skills. The presence of quality materials and improvised means will facilitate the work. In order for all efforts to update the room, taking into account its small size, it is not in vain, you should think over the choice and placement of furniture. The cabinet is ideal – a compartment and a bed with small nightstands. To preserve the free space, the bed is better to put the head to the wall, and place the nightstands nearby.

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