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How to choose a gasoline electric generator what to take into account

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We can say that at the moment the most common and convenient autonomous sources of electricity are electric generators on gasoline or diesel.

Gasoline electric generators can be characterized by a relatively low price, as well as a small mass and size. They can be both stationary and portable. Diesel electric generators have an increased motorcycle resource and high efficiency, which is associated with a low consumption of relatively inexpensive fuel.  Diesel generators are more expensive than gasoline, but with intensive operation they quickly bite themselves. They are indispensable if your house often occurs interruptions in electric networks or you have no connection to central energy supply.

When you choose an electric generator, first of all, pay attention to its power.  The power required for you is determined as follows: you must add another 30% to the sum of the power of all electrical appliances in the house.  In order for the energy supply in the country house to be reliable, it is necessary that the generator has a power to be more than three times.  But given the development of energy -saving technologies, as well as the popularity of alternative sources of electricity, it can be assumed that these numbers are much less.

During the design of the house, be sure to indicate the place for the generator, as well as the switching equipment.  This can be both a separate structure and a room inside the house, which should be equipped with a sound insulation, as well as a fire system.

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