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Confusion in the relationship of Chery and Chrysler

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It seems that at the moment the entire automobile world is in a small confusion about what vehicle from the Chery line Chrysler will sell in North America. More recently, we shared our thoughts with you that the renamed A1 will most likely become the CHER car, which will be trained by Dodge and will sell small cars around the world in the segment. However, it seems that no one knows exactly which Cherysler CHECHER of the Six existing.

On the heels of the CHERI announcement that the A1 car will be the first cooperation product of Cherysler, which can be seen at the Shanghai Automobile Exhibition in April, another news came, in which the official Xinh announced that “A1 will be the first of, At least six small cars that the CHERI will produce together with Chrysler.

But Chrysler said: “Not so fast.”The American automaker insists that he has not yet decided which model they would use, but the fact that they intend to use only one vehicle is a fact. But Mike Aberlih, Corporate Representative of Chrysler, said in an interview with Justo that all details are still processed, making it clear that they already know what kind of model it will be, but so far they are not going to announce.

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