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Preparatory measures for building a house

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More recently, the preparatory stage of construction could be compared with the script of an action -packed film, and not always with a good end.  The main characters in which the customer actually, the architect, builders, and many more “necessary” people who either appear or disappear disappear. I want to regret one single participant – this is a customer, he is forced to make many decisions, cope with a lot of difficulties, withstand “specialists”.

Fortunately-the times to change, and now the construction of the house is less and less reminiscent of a thriller, it ends more and more often by a happy end. The main attention is paid to trust in specialists, starting from the architect, and ending with the smallest utility worker at the construction site.

The very first stage of construction is the collection of information, the channels of the masses, all, as a rule, begins from the opinions of acquaintances and relatives, and ends with the depths of the World Wide Web, and possibly dusty regiments of libraries.

If all your thoughts did not end at the stage of collecting information, then there is a directly choice of site for construction. It is from the choice of the site that will overtake the choice of the project, and the most important is the scale of the construction costs. First you should decide on the planned dimensions of your home and determine how much space you need to be minimal for a comfortable life, this will be the minimum size, the maximum is limited only by your material capabilities. Already at this stage it is advisable to choose an architect with whom you will cooperate, he can help you decide on the choice of a site, because the plots are not bought every day, most inhabitants have no experience in this matter, and rely solely on the opinion of Mcler is not entirely correctly correct.

When the site is chosen and bought it is necessary to engage in geological surveys, this makes it possible to accurately determine the necessary properties of the supporting structures, the reliability of the future house will depend on this. It is also worth it to order a top-shooting 1: 500 or 1: 200 if you are going to carefully approach the arrangement of the site, this will allow you to accurately determine the position of the house relative to the parties to the world, calculate the slopes on the site, which is very important for organizing drainage on the site, determining the necessary gaps between the neighboring buildings, to determine the places of organization of communications.

This is followed by the final stage of construction preparation – this is actually the choice of the project. You can’t do without an architect, even if you decide to purchase a ready -made standard project, only the architect will be able to “put it” on the site. You should not save on this, there are a lot of nuances that are known exclusively to a professional.

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