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Overhaul process with signs of diagnosis…

by newsplaces

What sometimes the overhaul is poured into and how to relate to this who started it and those who did it

Whether we want it or not, but everything in this world is late or early in unusable. At least, if we talk about the things of material. Details, nodes, mechanisms, entire systems … Moreover, it is sad, this applies even to those things that were done very high quality.

For example, a house erected by the best masters from the most durable and high-quality materials will also once require repairs. At first small, cosmetic, and even over time – and capital. What is this in general – major repairs?

Strictly speaking, there are different opinions and definitions, but in our conditions, this, in fact, is almost a new construction. And this happens because practically thinking people, simultaneously with the actual repair, carry out the redevelopment of the building, demolish some walls, build others, or even attach something. And as a result, it turns out that one house began to be repaired, and at the end of the repair work, no one can find out this house. Including those who were engaged in this repairs. Is it bad or good? It all depends only on whether the owner likes the final result. If you like both the result and the price that I had to pay for it is probably good. If not, then you can’t change anything by any.

And what to do? This is all our life ..

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