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How to make a summer soul on your own site

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Summer shower is a structure for those who spend most of the summer in the country. If, except for the house and other structures, there is a garden on the site, then the summer shower is simply necessary. Its construction does not require much time and investment. This is a fairly simple design that can be built independently or use the help of masters. Summer souls are called because water heating occurs due to sunlight. Sometimes use a special water heater.

For the construction of the cabin, a place convenient for the drain is selected. Usually it is placed on the anfas side of the country house, in the immediate vicinity of the garden area. For the construction of a summer shower, you will need two containers (tanks) with cold and hot water. You can use one tank in which cold water is added to the sun. In addition, it is necessary to build a booth, install the mixer if two water tanks are used. It is also necessary to think over the drainage system and the sewage pit.

At the beginning of construction, the basis is built – a brick or concrete foundation. Its construction is carried out taking into account the slope for the drainage. A wood grille is laid on top of the foundation. The shower is mounted directly on the basis.

Its usual dimensions – a square of an area of ​​2 – 2, 5 meters. Washing booth must be built and finished from moisture -resistant materials. It can be plastic or well -treated wood. The main property of the design should be the strength. The frame of the shower cabin is a metal structure, which is installed on the foundation and is concrete in the lower part. Finishing material is attached to wooden bars. The interior is performed in an individual style.

The door can be made of wood with a thickness of no more than two centimeters. Water capacity should be roomy, up to 50 liters. The tank for natural heating is installed on the roof of the cabin. It is convenient to direct the drain to the compost pit or do it separately. Water drain is carried out through the hole of the cabin floor.

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