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Holden prepares a novel in the style of Porsche Panamera

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Auto company "Holden", which is included in the concern "General Motors", plans to maintain the production of cars for Australia, however – in foreign factories. Not so long ago, the Australians were able to publish a video with an optimistic slogan "We are here to stay". However, the most interesting of all this is that the feed of the new model flashed in the video "Holden".

According to the portal called "WorldCarfans", This company prepares a gorgeous fastback in the style of German car "Porsche Panamera". He will become in the lineup of an American company "Buick", and most importantly – it will become his flagship. In addition, the plans "Buick" And "Holden" – Development of a new model based on a sedan called "Modore". Note that the sale of tractors in Moscow is carried out by specialized companies if you are interested in a heavy machine for production.

Car will receive front -wheel drive and power unit V4. This car will be put on the conveyor in the PRC, and then it will be sold under the brand "Buick". But in the Australia market, she expects her "native" Schildik – "Holden". Representatives of the car company "Holden" Still, they hope that updated models will make it possible to raise brand sales, which is currently undergoing a crisis. A little earlier than the concern "General Motors" decided to curtail production in Australia, due to the fact that it costs too expensive. According to the plans of the concern, release "Holden" It will stop here by 2017. In addition, to Australia from the United States under the brand "Holden" a roll version of a car called "Chevrolet SS".

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