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Technology for the manufacture of liquid wallpaper varieties of the base

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The basis of liquid wallpaper is natural silk and cotton fibers. Such “naturalness”, of course, is not cheap, but the material is absolutely clean environmentally friendly. And this is not the only advantage of liquid wallpaper. Compared to other finishing wall materials, they have a good clutch with the surface and do not exfoliate over time.

Liquid wallpaper does not require basic preparation. Their advantage is that when decorating the wallpaper hides all the shortcomings of the wall, including cracks and cracks. And most importantly – with an unsuccessful application of the layer, everything can easily be fixed. To do this, it is enough to wet the unsuccessful part of the layer, remove it from the surface, pour water and use it again for finishing. With ordinary wallpaper, this “number” will not pass.

When applying liquid wallpaper, a spatula is used, and a special heap and a roller will be needed for alignment. The composition of liquid wallpaper includes gelatin, so when working as a spatula, the solution must be stirred every 10 – 15 minutes so that there are no lumps. Some types of wallpaper can be sprayed with a pistol – Hopper. Drying time of the finished surface from 12 hours to three days. This time range is explained by the difference between the composition of the wallpaper, application technology and external factors – the humidity and temperature of the room.

Moreover, regardless of these characteristics, liquid wallpaper will never be removable. This finishing wall material has noise insulation and fire resistance. During operation, it is easily cleaned of dust with a vacuum cleaner. Thanks to the antistatic property of the wallpaper, the dust does not settle significantly, therefore, frequent care of the surface is not required. Sometimes liquid wallpaper is covered with a layer of colorless varnish. In this case, you can wipe them with a damp cloth or soft sponge.

Liquid wallpaper is used to finish walls of any room, whether it be a living room or hallway, children’s or corridor. The finish does not require the selection of the picture, as in the case of ordinary wallpaper. This wall material “lies” with an even layer without seams and joints, which gives the surface an additional volume.

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