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How to properly make gas supply in a private house

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Making gas supply in a private house is a decision and good and far -sighted for many reasons. Fuel costs will be reduced. If we compare gas with diesel fuel, then the savings will be at least thirty percent. Comparison with electricity is not the same in different regions, but in any case, gas is cheaper. Cheaper than gas, of course, coal, but few people want to live in soot and soot.

So, select gas. If there is no way to conduct it from the trunk tube, then autonomous gasification remains. For this, a strong tank is buried in the ground near the house. Liquefied gas will be stored here. The size of the tank can only be determined by specialists who, in their calculations, take into account the size of the house. Large area requires a larger reservoir. From the tank you need to draw pipes to the system to a gas stove and columns and install gas equipment.

If there is already gas supply from the main pipe, then autonomous gas supply will also not interfere with the quality of the spare option in case of an accident. In addition, an autonomous option will help if the main system occurs in the pressure drops. The autonomous system can be provided with a timer with which gas consumption can be adjusted during the day. The service life of such a system is at least thirty years. Autonomous gas supply is suitable not only for private houses, but also for restaurants, cafes, car service premises and other premises.

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