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Wallpaper on the walls are rejected what to make effective methods

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Very often after the completion of the repair, instead of enjoying the beautiful view of your apartment, you understand with horror that the wallpaper in some places moved away from the walls. But the wallpaper was chosen, and they did not stir up for the masters.  Why is it so, who is to blame, and most importantly, what to do? We will figure it out now.

The main reason for peeling off the wallpaper is the poor preparation of again gluing, oddly enough, many do not give this stage of proper attention. Perhaps the elements of the previous coating or plaster remained on the wall. And even if you stirred the wall on which there was already an old putty, the wallpaper can fall off with a layer of putty. Therefore, remember that you do not have to glue or overlap wallpaper, it is necessary to pay special attention to the preparation of the walls.

It is necessary to carefully clean the walls of the previous design, whether wallpaper or paint, putting visible irregularities, carefully cover the walls with a primer, this is necessary so that the glue is well clamped with the base. The primer of the walls is the final stage of the preparation of the walls.

Now customers are quite often encountered with production marriage in the work of builders – these are voids in the walls. Detecting immediately and not so easy, and fixing is even more difficult. Such defects can lead to a rather tangible shift of wallpaper on the wall.  Perhaps the only way to solve this problem becomes a complete sheathing of drywall walls only this method can completely block all the voids and cracks in the walls, and will create a perfectly even base for gluing wallpaper., It is worth noting that such a basis does not require preliminary primer.

The use of materials of inadequate quality can also cause the omission of the wallpaper. It is worth noting that all materials for repairs must be bought in specialized stores where the required storage conditions are respected, also do not lose sight of the shelf life. Do not chase cheapness and purchase building materials in the markets, most building materials after contact with the cold become unsuitable for use, as they almost completely lose their properties.

The third reason for removing wallpaper is a violation of gluing technology. Perhaps you were unbearable to finish the repair and you did not wait for the surface to dry out after the primer.

The last one should not forget about is that the wallpaper should dry out naturally, it is necessary to avoid drafts, do not turn on the air conditioning in the room.

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