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Choose a car

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Probably, everyone has come across a question with such a question as buying a new car. Everyone has its own special taste and preferences, but when choosing a car you need to know what you want. There are a huge number of automobile sites and print media, where there are many information that would be useful to you when buying a car. Some may have friends who have experience in the operation of this car or good car mechanic. You can also go through car dealerships and consult with salons consultants.

Useful tips:

You need to decide with which class and characteristics your future machine should own, which will meet your conditions and needs in operation.

Choosing the number of doors and body type.

You need to choose a brand (brand) of a car.

Decide in advance on the amount that you could give for the car.

It is worth considering that in addition to the cost of purchasing a car, this also includes its cost for insurance, taxes, etc.D. including, it is possible to pay loan, as well as not a little important – loss in price when selling.

Select the type of gearbox, engine and car drive.

Automatic box (automatic transmission) is comfortable and convenient to drive around the city.

In choosing a car, you need to take into account its options, since something will already be included in the complete set, and you will have to pay for something.

You need to choose an anti -theft agent.

And most importantly, before making a purchase decision, it is imperative to ride on your chosen car. Be sure to pay attention to the steering, acceleration, smoothness, convenience, brake effectiveness and noise and vibration level. When buying a car, do not forget that you can drive it on it.

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