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If you want to profitably draw attention to your car, but be afraid that it can attract the unhealthy interest of hijackers, then you may be interested in airography. The creation of a unique image of your car begins with the choice of a picture (sketch), its topic. You can bring the finished drawing, or create it with the artist using a special program. You can make your amendments, express ideas regarding the sketch/color/saturation/details. At this stage, there is a clarification of all more or less important details, the location of the sketch, both in the whole car and on its individual details. Drawings by car can be either of varying degrees saturated or any degree of complexity. After the image is approved, the preparation of the car begins for applying the picture: small cracks, old varnish, cracked paint, etc. are removed.D. Then the previously created drawing is passed on to the artist and the one, using a special device – an airbrush, applies him to the car body. For some small details, various pencils and brushes are used. The paint is applied in layers. After that, the car is covered with several layers of varnish to protect the picture from the influence of the external environment. In order to create a unique image of your car, it takes about two weeks to a month. It all depends on the complexity and color of the picture. There are monochrome (background is the main color of the machine, and the pattern is applied with contrasting color with paint) and multi -color (here, I think, and so it is clear) images. This pleasure is, unfortunately, not cheap, but, you must agree, it’s worth it. Yes, and no hijacker would want to steal such a noticeable, throwing car in the eyes. And with the help of airography, the driver can not only decorate his car, but also express his individual inner world. Would you like to find out, go to the site: Bastionavto

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