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Distinctive features of liquid wallpaper what to take into account

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Flexible wallpaper one of the modern types of finishing materials is still poorly known in the domestic market. Liquid wallpaper is a mixture of various types of natural cellulose and cotton fibers glued with special adhesive composition.  Such wallpapers are sold either in the form of a ready -made liquid mixture, or in the form of a bag of fiber and dry glue separately.

Liquid wallpaper can be used in premises of any purpose. If after drying it is covered with an additional layer of varnish, then such wallpaper can be used even in the bathroom and in the kitchen.

A distinctive feature of such material is its naturalness is their greatest advantage. The color scheme of liquid wallpaper is wide enough to satisfy the requests of the most sophisticated buyer. The only drawback of liquid wallpaper is that they need to be applied to a perfectly flat surface.

It is worth noting that due to the use of natural materials in the production of natural materials are antistatic, have a microporous structure, have excellent soundproofing and heat-insulating properties. An indisputable advantage of liquid wallpaper is also that it is possible to re -apply a layer to a certain area, this is very convenient in order to update the contaminated area.

To apply liquid wallpaper, it is necessary to prepare the walls, namely to clean them, treat them with an antiseptic, such a need is due to the naturalness of the materials used. The next stage in the preparation of walls is their primer using water -based paint or special primer. Do not forget that the color scheme of the primer and wallpaper should match.

Liquid wallpaper can be applied at a temperature of at least + 10 degrees. Apply wallpaper with a spatula or from a special pistol-spray. The time of rustic drying of the composition depends on the ambient temperature, and can last from a day to three.

Different methods of application determine the different appearance of the wallpaper. To give the texture with liquid wallpaper, a special rubber roller is used. With the help of thick composition, you can create decorative panels, stucco molding and even paintings.

It is very surprising that liquid wallpapers have high moisture resistance, captivated by humidity in the room. The danger to such a coating is only a direct water hit.

Walls with such a coating are not very whimsical in care. Their purification lies in the periodic use of the vacuum cleaner, and small pollution is easy to remove with a lastic.

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