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How to independently build a home frame

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The foundation is ready, you can raise the house up. Drink from a rack bar. In the lower strapping for installing the racks, the grooves have already been pre -cut. The first racks are installed in the corners. During the construction of the foundation in the corner piles, anchors were clogged and flooded. In the ends of the resulting racks, drill holes into which the corner racks should enter. It is very important to put each rack vertically and strengthen. Now you can put a beam on the racks on top and nail it with nails. This is already installing the upper binding. Then vertical intermediate racks are inserted and sewn. Ugsin from the boards passing through the intermediate rack will create the necessary stiffness of the frame. Next, you can start laying the floor of the floor.  There are no features here until the time of the attic will come.

In the beams of the ceiling, where the racks will be installed, the grooves are selected. The same in the ends of the ceiling beams. This is very conveniently done using a manual circular saw.  It is necessary to set the depth of the back on it and make parallel cuts in several marked places, and cut down all the excess with a chisel. All preliminary work is best done on Earth, and upstairs to serve everything ready for installation. First of all, it is necessary to install corner racks, the rest after. All racks are connected with horizontal connections.  Next is the installation of rafters and ceiling beams.

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