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Stages of cosmetic repair in the apartment features

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You are worried about the condition of your apartment, but so far there is still no way to spend a certain amount of money for repairs. Then it is worth thinking about the production of cosmetic repairs yourself, especially since the change of wallpaper is not so difficult.

The first stage is the preparation of walls for pasting wallpaper. Old wallpaper should be removed. A sponge that is wetted in water will help and the old wallpaper. Then, after an hour, we easily remove them. Then it is necessary to primer the walls. This process should be repeated twice in order to avoid the further detachment of wallpaper. The preparation of the ceiling is almost the same with the walls, but if there are cracks, then they should be sealed with a net, in order to avoid their appearance again.

The next step will be putty. For this, a gypsum mixture is used, which is mixed until a homogeneous mass is obtained. Depending on the condition of the walls and ceiling, a certain number of layers should be applied. The best option is 2-3 layers. Then the walls and ceiling are allowed to dry and only then proceed to final processing with a skin.

If you decide to paint the walls, then some staining rules are required, so that the result does not grieve you in the future. Before starting color, make sure the cleanliness and evenness of the walls. The staining should be done with a large roller (in no case with a brush), but for hard -to -reach places, such as slopes on the windows, a small roller is quite suitable. In addition to the roller, a bath is needed in order to apply the paint to the roller and remove its excess amount, because this can form from this to flow on the painted surface. Staining should be 3 times, then the walls will acquire a stable color and paint density.

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