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Many car owners, in particular, owners of Voltsvagen cars, love to repair their horse at home, some carry out partial repair work, some are engaged in this more in -depth. The reasons that contribute to this can be different: some have wake up a frantic interest and incredible curiosity – what is under the hood of their car. Someone just does not intend to spend a lot of money in workshops, and someone just loves to do it. In general, the reasons can be different, this is not the essence. The reason itself is not important, but the information that the motorist will receive during such inspections is important. The emergence of a desire to repair your car is accompanied by the emergence of various issues, for example: where it is better to carry out repairs, what tools are needed and how to repair?

Let’s take a little from the main question and plunge into the world “Volkswagen”.

The concern represents Germany. The company produces trucks, cars, minibuses. This brand appeared during interesting events.

In 1934, at that time the German constructs Ferdinand Porsche, received an order from the National Socialist Government of Germany, during which he was supposed to be born a modern passenger car.

In 1935, the car was ready. His name was “Volkswagen”, which is translated from German means “car for the people”. By 1938, this machine had already acquired a familiar look for many generations, which led a lot of positive assessments from other designers, engineers and drivers. The whole world spoke about him, and soon there was no end to this brand.

That now – Volkswagen is one of the largest concerns in terms of sales throughout the world, whose factories are in 15 countries.

We return to repair and delve into one of the types of this work – how to replace oil with our own hands without attracting specialists from various workshops.

When replacing the oil in the Voltsvagen car, various difficulties appear very often, which will cope with which it can be very difficult. So that this does not arise, you should adhere to some rules.

In order to begin to replace the oil, you should first rinse the engine. For this, car shops include a huge amount of various means in their assortment, with which you can flush.

After washing, you should turn on the engine and support it in this state for about 15 minutes. Then turn off and drain the old oil. Когда масла больше не останется, пробка слива прочно закручивается и затягивается.

After that, either hands, or using special equipment, a small filter is unscrewed. This is done in order to install a new filter. However, before installation, the tank laying must be lubricated with oil. In order for the oil filter to start work when the machine is first turned on, a small amount of oil is poured into the filter. After installing the filter, a new batch of motor oil is poured into the engine. The oil level in the engine should be between Max and Min. If the level is lower, then you need to add. After which the lid closes tightly and you can proceed to turning on the engine.

Now the procedure for replacing oil in Voltsvagen has become much easier for you.

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