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Glue wallpaper for the ceiling

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Glue wallpaper for the ceiling. Just a master

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Wallpaper for the ceiling.

You can glue wallpaper on the ceiling, but wall varieties for these purposes are not suitable. There are special wallpapers for the ceiling, characterized by high density. In addition, they have special embossing. Such wallpapers cover all small defects of the ceiling.

Russian wallpapers for the ceiling are only white, but the relief on them is the most. Imported wallpaper for the ceiling are of different colors and all kinds of relief. Colorless ceiling wallpaper can be painted with water -dispersion paint several times. Russian wallpaper before laying is impregnated with glue for 5-8 minutes. Imported wallpapers for the ceiling are not impregnated with glue. In this case, either a sheet of wallpaper or the ceiling is smeared with glue. The wallpaper is superimposed on the ceiling and smoothed with a roller from the middle to the edges.

If ceiling wallpaper has already been glued to the ceiling, it must be completely prepared for the new coating, since the wallpaper is glued directly to concrete slabs. But re -glue the paper on the ceiling is inappropriate. Usually glued based on cheapness and ease when working with such a coating. It is impractical-after two or three years, wallpaper will have to be removed.

It is more advisable to update the ceiling along with the walls. But it should be remembered that all work with the ceiling needs to be carried out before moving to work on the floor, in particular, flooring of the flooring.

If you still have to repair only the ceiling, you need to take care of the safety of walls, furniture and floor.

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