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How to hang a door with a efficient

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In order to hang the door qualitatively, you do not need to be a professional. Some things can be done independently, and adjust the door and put the lock is a minute business for anyone who is at least a little versed in construction.

The first thing to do when inserting the door is to check the fit. To do this, you do not need to do a lot – just insert the door into the door frame and connect the loop edge with the door jamb. Remember that there should not be large gaps between the door and the jamb, and even better if it is not more than two millimeters from above and four – below. If the door seems to you wide, or long, then fix it in loops and gently cut it out at the top, or from the side.

Next, it is necessary to fix the loop nests. To do this, try to draw a straight line 15 centimeters from the upper edge. This line should be located across the door end.

 Attach the loops to this line and thus mark where its upper and lower edge will be located. After that, draw a new line already parallel to the door end so that it crosses with the one that was drawn by the first.

 Also at a distance of about 225 mm, mark the place where the next loop will be, and if necessary between the first two loops in the same way, place the third and the third.

Now it is necessary to make recesses. To do this, take the chisel, it will be most convenient to work with it. Cut with its help deepening the size of a door loop on both sides.

If it is difficult for you to work without additional support, then you can build simple door goats, putting the door on which you can greatly facilitate your work.

Now we have moved directly to the hanging of the door. To do this, you need to insert the door leaf into the place where it will stand directly, and outline all the necessary holes for screws. Now you can fix the door loops. Having finished with this work, insert the door into the box and mark under the loops and then attach loop sash directly to the jamb using screws.

Check once again using the level how exactly the door is worth.

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