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2024 new uses for companion sex dolls in the bedroom

by buma888

Sex is one of the most important aspects of a person’s life, and dissatisfaction in this area can lead to many problems. You can replace a partner in different ways, one of which is masturbation. However, in order to get a wide variety of sexual intercourse experiences, it is suggested to purchase absolute sex dolls.

Use Cases

Sex doll companions are full-size replicas of the human body with all gender characteristics. This could be the vagina or male penis, anus and mouth, breasts, buttocks. In all cases, you can reproduce natural sexual intercourse as it happens in life.

To be installed in the desired position, the dolls are equipped with a durable skeleton and can imitate any type of intercourse. You can purchase a large model or a mini small sex doll, depending on your sexual preferences. Sexual intercourse is a traditional and direct use of this toy.

However, there are other options that will help diversify the use of a sex companion:

  1. Dressing up in different clothes. This applies not only to fans of fetishism, but also to other people. In this way, many secret fantasies and desires are satisfied, because the process is accompanied by touches and other actions, which expands contact with the doll and gives the process more realistic features. This can be done with conversations to add new features to the action. The illusion of full communication is created, because this is exactly what is missing when contacting dolls.
  2. Sexy outfits allow you to change the role of the doll and make sexual acts more varied. In addition, the process of choosing clothes adds spice to the whole act.
  3. Using a doll as a dating partner. In this case, you can create a prelude to subsequent sexual intercourse, or rehearse the real process of meeting a living person. The last option is especially important if the partner is shy or has problems with communication of a psychological or speech nature.
  4. Sensory games, when attention is primarily focused on tactile sensations. The surface of the doll completely imitates human skin, so you can use this feature to imitate massage and other caresses using the body, without using the vagina and other openings.

The doll can be used for role-playing, couples and group activities; it will allow you to try the most bizarre positions from the Kama Sutra, and will accept all tests in BDSM, including the most severe physical impacts. The number of options is unlimited, it all depends on the imagination of the owner of the sex toy.

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