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Triplex technology to create glass partitions

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Glass partitions and walls are one of the most important and integral components of modern interiors of apartments, houses, offices, shops and everything else. Often, designers resort to the use of this technique in order to expand the space, as well as make the room lighter and lighter. The manufacture of these structures for the most part depends on the given dimensions. Depending on the desired height of such glass, it should also have a certain thickness. The higher the glass canvas, the more its thickness should be. 

Depending on what sizes of the glass wall or partitions were set by the architect, in the manufacture of these structures they also use a rather diverse glass thickness. It should be glass, the thickness of which is 10 mm or 12 mm, and a triplex is also suitable. Glass is beyond the fragile material, and that is why the risk of its destruction in the case of incorrect and inaccurate circulation, quite large. It is in connection with this that experts from year to year are working on the creation of the latest technologies that can increase strength, as well as the stability of the glass canvas.

Triplex technology involves the connection of several sheets of glass into packages of three pieces thanks to a polymer film. Such laminated glass will have a fairly large advantage, which consists in its safety. Thanks to the film, the glass will not only be strong, but also, when it destroy it, it will not fly to the fragments – the film will hold them. The glass is only slightly crumpled or cracking, but it remains to stand. Triplex also has high soundproofing qualities. Often such glass is used in panoramic glazing, as well as in cases where you need to protect any room from any extraneous sounds.

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