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Nissan Juke R received serial embodiment

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If last year the Japanese company Nissan first introduced the unique Juke-R, which received a power unit from the GT-R supercar, then the first serial copy was already marked by premiere. The manufacturer decided to launch the production of a car with a small batch. It is planned that only 20 “hot” Juke-R will come from the conveyor.

For the serial crossover, Nissan proposed a new aerodynamic body kit compared to the prototype. Elements from carbonate were used, and the most noticeable in the exterior of the car was the anti -wing of a large size on the rear edge of the roof, as well as five round air intakes in the front bumper.

The car price tag in the American market is 590 thousand dollars, and for buyers in the UK, the model is available from 400 thousand pounds. It can be noted that the “hot” SUV is really worth the money. The compact city crossover in the sports version is able to conquer the first hundred on the speedometer in just three seconds. The maximum speed limit was on a cut off 270 kilometers per hour. It is worth noting that such high dynamic characteristics leave behind even the fastest models of the SUVs from the AMG tuning studio or the BMW M-division.

Under the hood, Juke-R hides a Bi-turbo motor with a volume of 3.8 liters, which is borrowed from the Nissan GT-R supercar. His asset contains 550 horsepower power. Supercar shared with a “hot” crossover system of all -wheel drive, as well as a robotic checkpoint with two clutches, which has six steps.

It is worth noting that as part of the international exhibition in Paris, Nissan proposed another charged version of the Juke model – we are talking about Nismo modification. Under the hood of the novelty hides a turbocharged motor capable of developing 215 horsepower.


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