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Classification of finishing material for walls

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Due to the wide variety of finishing material, which is used to decorate the walls, it is quite difficult to conduct a clear classification. However, based on similar operational qualities, it is possible to classify the material according to the following criteria:

1. Type of origin of the material. All, not only finishing materials, have natural or artificial origin, which mainly affects the presence of certain operational properties. It is worth noting that in order to obtain the best version of the execution, two types of materials began to combine, which led to the emergence of combined materials.

2. By belonging to a certain class, based on the cost. This classification of finishing material is made for one type of material. For example, there is a laminated coverage of various manufacturing technology, some of them can be credited to the economy class, which determines low cost and meager operational characteristics, others to the premium class. It is worth noting that this classification is quite conditional. If you need a turnkey bath, you can order by the given link.

By type of fastening or application. There are materials that are held with the help of universal fasteners (wall panels), others using gluing compositions (wallpaper), others are directly applied to the surface processed according to all criteria and have properties that allow the material to stay for a long time (paint).

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