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When repairing the car body, welding work takes a fairly significant place. It is completely unacceptable to approach this issue after the sleeves, because further car repair also depends on the quality of work related to welding. Which welding machine for your car is best used? First, let’s see if the welding apparatus of alternating current is suitable for this task. It seems that everything is easy here – the electrode is taken, the current strength is set, and we are starting to work.

But such a device is not suitable for execution "jewelry" body work of your car. The first reason is that you can do not get along with a welding electrode. This method of welding can only be suitable for the performing of gross welding, for example, to weld the towbar that came off. The second reason is if you apply such an apparatus for welding the body, the thickness of which is 1 mm, then instead of welding, you will burn holes in the metal.

Carbon dioxide welding semiautomatic device

It turns out that you need such a welding machine that will be able to cook the thin steel of the car body. An excellent remedy for welding a car with your hands is a carbon dioxide welding semiautomatic. Such devices are widely used for the main work on welding in car services that are engaged in the repair of car bodies. It cooks even thin steel, up to 1 mm thick, can also cook thick metal up to 6 millimeters. Carbon dioxide welding can replace the welding apparatus of alternating current – with electrodes, but on the contrary it will not work.

If you talk more about the carbon dioxide semiautomatic device, then this is a device that makes a welding with a wire, which is automatically supplied to the welding zone. Also, such an unit is designed for welding with non -melting electrode from a tungsten in an area protected by gas. The carbon dioxide welding machine is the most universal among all devices available for simple use. With it, you can carry out body repair very high quality and at a high level. In addition, it is worth noting that the quality of welding, for example, welding and exclusion of iron voltage near the suture zone, even for thick metal, will turn out to be an order of magnitude better than when using alternating current welding.

What about welding with non -melted tungsten electrode, then this type of welding requires sufficient dexterity from you, and it is less convenient when welding the metal body of the car. But the quality of welding in this way is much better.

The main advantage of the carbon dioxide welding apparatus over the electrode is much easier and faster to learn how to cook. In this case, you do not need to maintain an electric arc all the time. If you change carbon dioxide to Argon, then you can cook non -ferrous metals, for example, aluminum, brass, stainless steel, and other metals. As you can see, the carbon dioxide welding unit has much more advantages than the usual electrode.

To decide, of course, to you which of the welding machines to purchase for the repair of bodywork.

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