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How to prepare walls for decoration with live wallpaper

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If your task is to make a small cosmetic repair in the room or in the apartment, or you want to update the wall covering, make small changes in the interior, then you need to pay attention to liquid wallpaper.

 This modern material is as economically and very quickly allows you to achieve the desired results. The most profitable option is to make such a mini – with your own hands or call a team of workers, which is a little more expensive. There is only one question – the selection of suitable material that would look stylish and of course original.

You can hear a lot of good things about liquid wallpaper. After all, today they are popular because unique in their characteristics as a finishing material. Really, they are somewhat reminiscent of plaster, which differs from the actual wallpaper. However, liquid wallpaper

give an unlimited variety of options for design: if you want, you will have a brilliant wall covering, you don’t want to – there will be velvety, matte. Any color is on sale up to the smallest shade.

Firstly, you need to buy dry mixtures packages. Usually, according to statistics, one packaging of the mixture is enough to process 5 square meters of walls, but in work it all depends on the necessary texture. How and what is better to get a consultant will tell you.

Next, prepare the walls for liquid wallpaper. This is done like this: old coatings are removed, and very noticeable bumps are closed. This coating can hide the disadvantages of the walls of the walls, so there is no need to perfectly align your walls. But you should not refuse the primer. In extreme cases, one layer of water -based paint can be applied.

It is not difficult to work with the material: the mixture is preparing to work on a clear instruction that is written on each package. To get the gloss of the surface – it must be added to the same mixture. Apply liquid wallpaper easier. Someone likes to do this with a spatula, someone got sung-a roller. It is always convenient to have a small spatula on hand, which will definitely come in handy to apply a mixture around switch, window and door boxes. You can remove the visible “joints” moisturizing the edges using a spray.

The velvety texture of wallpaper looks beautiful at home, and in public places they often choose additional design with liquid glass.

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