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Why you need to choose stretch ceilings?

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Nowadays, Nikolaev stretch ceilings are almost a universal method of decorating ceilings in apartments and houses, so they are becoming more and more in demand every year. With the help of stretch ceilings, you can achieve unique evenness and smoothness, which cannot be done when using any other traditional building materials.

At the moment, Nikolaev stretch ceilings are diverse in color and texture. This allows you to translate into reality imaginary interior design options in residential buildings, offices, etc.P. Stretch ceilings always fit in the interior, making it original and beautiful. Stretch flows can be: matte, glossy, artistic, seamless.

The suspended ceilings have a lot of advantages, such as:

– moisture resistance. Which allows them to be used to decorate rooms with high humidity and steam.

– Ease of installation. To install ceilings, as a rule, is required at least 5 hours. After installation, there is no trace of dust, not to mention garbage;

– fire resistance. Special substances are added to the composition of suspended ceilings that do not allow the structure to burn;

– strength. Stretch ceilings, fragile at first glance, can withstand the volume of water in a hundred liters per square meter. meter and still remain elegant.

– Thermal insulation and sound absorption. For these qualities, ceilings perfectly protect the room from noise. Thanks to this characteristic, such structures are used in studios that are engaged in sound recording, and in the rooms of residential buildings, where there is a strong audio system. They also hold heat well;

– Practicality in application. For many years it retains its original appearance, the care of the ceiling is very simple, just wipe with a damp cloth.

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